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About me

​Hello! I’m James Trevascus, an engineer based in Bristol, UK.

I started out working at The Panda Studios, California in 2014, where I took an assistant position under engineers Sam Pura and Ryan Ellery. Here, I got to work with bands such as The Story So Far, Hundredth, Landscapes and loads more. This is where I developed an interest in mastering, getting to work on a few of the projects that came through the studios.

After my visa was up, I came back to Bristol and started working at Invada Studios where I’m now one of the staff engineers. At Invada, we do a huge variety of different projects. There’s lots of film music recording here, which involves large string sessions and orchestral instruments, as well as synths and everything in between. As well as that, we do loads of work with bands, composers and more, meaning we’re lucky enough to constantly be working on a variety of different genres and projects.

Alongside this I have been working as a freelance mix and mastering engineer both between Invada and my personal studio. Two different approaches and workflows, but something I really enjoy balancing. I’ve recently been lucky enough to master some great soundtracks, including some by Warren Ellis, PJ Harvey, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury and Blanck Mass.

As well as being staff engineer at Invada, I’m also available as a freelance engineer and have worked at many different studios in the UK including Real World, Rockfield, The Pool and more. I’m always happy to work anywhere, so feel free to get in touch if you need an engineer!

Thanks for checking out my page! Please get in touch about your recording, mixing or mastering project by clicking the ‘Contact’ link above.

I don’t update this website as much as I should but you can check out my recent projects by clicking the ‘My Work’ link above. I’ll be updating it as new releases come out.


James Trevascus Bakewell Audio